Edelweiss LT°5 Frozen Silver - BMW M2/M3/M4/C - 2WD/4WD

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Edelweiss Wheels LT3 with Frozen Black Finish Size Front axle: 20x10,5 ET14 - 9,5kg... more
Product information "Edelweiss LT°5 Frozen Silver - BMW M2/M3/M4/C - 2WD/4WD"

Edelweiss Wheels LT3 with Frozen Black Finish


Front axle: 20x10,5 ET14 - 9,5kg

Rear axle: 20x11 ET12 - 9,9kg


The EDELWEISS manufacturing process is a hybrid between flow forming and forging.

We start with a Flow Forming wheel, because casting the spokes gives us the freedom to work with maximum concavity. The concavity is not limited by prefabricated blanks as with forged wheels, but is only determined by the free space of the vehicle.

"Deep concave" not only looks better, but also saves weight. Concave spokes minimise the wheel flange, which is usually one of the heaviest parts of a rim. In addition, concave spokes are more stable against torsion than flat, bent spokes.

The rim bed is created by flow forming. In this process, the material is shaped and compacted. Compaction enables the saving of material and thus weight.

The next step is heat treatment for hardening. This is the same "T6" heat treatment that is used to harden forged rims. The harder material allows us to make wall thicknesses and spokes thinner, thus saving weight once again.

Finally, our rims are milled. This gives us beautifully defined contours, as we know them from forged wheels. On the other hand, we can selectively remove material where it is not needed and thus save weight.

Milling also creates technical features, such as the undercut between spokes and rim bed. This not only saves weight, but also has the function of preventing imbalances in heavy rain by allowing water to drain away and not build up.

Since, unlike forged rims, we do not mill the complete wheel from a block, but rework a prefabricated wheel, it is much more cost-efficient. This way we can ensure a good price for the finished product, which is very important to us.

We combine elements from different already existing technologies to go a new way.

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