Eventuri Carbon Intake System for BMW G80 M3 | G82 M4 S58

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Description BMW G8X M3/M4 Performance upgrade: 13-18hp, 12-16ft-lb (stock tune) Turbo intake... more
Product information "Eventuri Carbon Intake System for BMW G80 M3 | G82 M4 S58"


Performance upgrade: 13-18hp, 12-16ft-lb (stock tune)
Turbo intake area increased by up to 160
Filtration area increased by up to 40%.

We present an intake system that truly sets new standards for the BMW G8X M3/M4 platform. We've done intensive research and development to create an intake system that not only outperforms the stock M3/M4, but is also future-proofed to handle power increases well in excess of 1000 horsepower. Our system is a complete redesign from the airboxes to the turbo intakes with the goal of reducing pressure loss while increasing flow rate and keeping intake temperatures low. We maximized the use of available space and used 2 custom made filters with a 40% larger filter area than the stock ones. These are used in our patented venturi housings to direct air evenly to the turbo inlets. The inlets themselves are up to 160% larger in cross-section than stock and feature an advanced, dimpled inner surface to reduce friction losses between the flow and the wall boundary. By creating an air "cushion" on the wall surface, airflow can move through the inlets at higher flow rates and lower pressure drop. This allows the turbos to draw in air with less resistance, reducing the wastegate duty cycle and resulting in higher overall performance.

Bench tested

This intake was independently dyno tested by BR Performance in Belgium. Testing was done back to back with the stock airbox and multiple runs were made with each configuration. The vehicle tested was run without the activated carbon filter. We compared the best results with the stock airbox and the best results with the Eventuri system. The results on the dyno show a consistent increase throughout the rev range, which is due to the turbos reaching maximum boost pressure earlier and having a lower wastegate duty cycle due to the higher efficiency of the intake system. This gain is despite the increase in dyno temperatures from 11.8 degrees Celsius during testing with the stock system to nearly 16 degrees Celsius during Eventuri testing. The power gain is reflected on the road in improved response at part throttle and full throttle, with the car pulling much more eagerly to the redline.

Intake air temperature tests

Vehicles with turbochargers can develop a lot of heat in the engine compartment, which can be detrimental to performance if the intake system is not sealed against that heat. Even with intercoolers and charge air coolers, it is important to minimize intake air temperatures because these cooling devices operate at a certain efficiency, so the output air temperature is affected by the input air temperature. Constricting the intake tract with open cones, even if they are heat protected, will inevitably draw hot air from the engine compartment. Our system, which is fully sealed, solves this problem while still not restricting the flow path by using larger volumes. To demonstrate this, we recorded air temperatures with thermocouples immediately before each turbo. The comparisons were made on the same day and under the same environmental conditions between the original and Eventuri. Our M3 was allowed to warm up and then accelerated from 30mph to 90mph in 6th gear to measure the temperature change with each run. The car was accelerated in 6th gear to measure the temperature change on each run. At 90mph, the gas pedal was released and the brakes were applied to 30mph, after which the car was accelerated back to 90mph. A total of 3 pull-throughs were performed with both intake configurations.

Additional information
COLOR: carbon
MODEL: 3-series, 4-series
MODEL TYPES: G80, G81, G82
MOTORIZATION: M3, M3 Competition, M4, M4 Competition
PARTS ASSEMBLY: Intake system
BRAND: Eventuri
ASSEMBLY: like original part (exchange)

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